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Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, Damian E. Dominguez is a Mexican American costume designer for film, TV, theatre, opera, and dance


After working as a music educator for a year, he returned to the theatre industry as the 2014-2015 Costumes Apprentice at Hartford Stage Company, where he worked with costume designers Fabio Toblini, Alejo Vietti, and Linda Cho.

Damian holds a double B.A in Music and Theater from the University of Georgia and an M.F.A. in Costume Design from Carnegie Mellon University. His most recent design credits include The Light in the Piazza, Marisol, and Dutchman. Additionally, he has assisted costume designers Hugh Hanson and Susan Tsu at the Pittsburgh Public Theater and Quantum Theater, respectively. 


In addition to his work in costume design, he has been a stitcher at John Cowles Studios, Krostyne Studios, and Robert Hamelin Studios working on Broadway productions, including Beautiful: The Carol King Musical, Fiddler on the Roof, and Hamilton


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